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Herbal Intervention Company Limited

Herbal Intervention Company Limited is one of the fastest growing herbal health care companies in Ghana. It is a wholly owned Ghanaian Company which specializes in the production of herbal medicine and providing herbal healthcare. The company is owned by a young lady entrepreneur, by name, Ms Rachel Owusu Sekyere. It was registered in 2013 as Herbal Company at the Registrar Generals Department.

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We welcome new ideas, encourage creativity, and always seek effective ways to achieve our goals.


We involve and share knowledge to benefit our fellow caregivers to achieve our mission.


We go to every extent to make our patients comfortable, convenient and feel at home

Our Services

Herbal Intervention Clinic has become a household name in the provision of quality healthcare needs the herbal way, and for that matter, we have a broad spectrum of services being provided under five thematic areas as follows;

Men’s Care

Prostrate Health: Prostrate Enlargement, Difficulty Urinating,, Male Vitality: STD Treatment, Hernia, Sexual and Erectile dysfunction, Pre-mature ejaculation, Low Sperm count, etc.

Ladies Corner

Fibroid Scan, Pelvic Scan, Transvaginal Scan, Pelvic Scan, Ovarian Cyst, Breast cancer, Menstrual Disorders, Menstrual Pain, Candidiasis etc.

General Consultation

[Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, typhoid, Ulcer, Hepatitis]


Arthritis, Rheumatism, Stroke, Joint Pain, Spinal Pain, Numbness, etc.


Thai, Hot Stone, Swedish

Customer Focus

Herbal Intervention exists to cater for the health needs of all manner of persons who wish to be treated through the use of herbal medication. To this end, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide each client the best service they deserve in accessing quality healthcare the herbal way. Indeed; we believe in the holistic satisfaction of every client, both in the services being provided as well as the cost of it thereof.